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Murray's considers privacy a serious matter; however, Murray's is open to the public and by walking in the doors it is possible that your image can be unintendedly taken by a complete stranger taking a photo. Murray's may, at it's discretion, publish public domain photos--that is photos taken on the premises, photos captured off of Facebook, Twitter, or any other public internet domain which describes that image as having been taken from Murray's Irish Pub and Grille. If you object to an image that has been placed on our website or Facebook page fill out the comments page of this website with the description and location of the image and we will strongly consider removing it.

Any information that is provided to us via this website, telephone or email, whether that information is positive or negative feedback will remain confidential unless otherwise agreed to between both parties. If for any reason you feel that this webisite has provided information or images that conflict with your personal or business interests, please contact us by email at or call the PUb at 906-424-4123.


The Pub Management